About Us

Pop-Up RestaurantMr Curry Lover is a brand founded and established by Mark & Tracy Douglas, a couple of British curry lover’s whose passion for British Indian takeaway style food sparked up their interest in cooking and led them on a journey of discovery to replicate Indian takeaway style curries at home. Over time, Mark & Tracy developed their top secret recipe of curry pastes that taste just like a real Indian takeaway curry, so that every British Indian takeaway lover who enjoys cooking can make them too.

Mark says, “From the first time of tasting spicy food when I was around 8 years old I knew that I would be eating curries for the rest of my life. As I got older, I bought literally hundreds of recipe books on making curries. The problem was that nearly every curry recipe book available teaches you how to create traditional style curries, the type of curry that you would get in an Asian persons home, or one of the regional style curries from different parts of India, Bangladesh or Pakistan.

The British love of curries however is for the type of curry that you love to eat when you go to an Indian ( by the way, most of them are actually Bangladeshi not Indian) restaurant or takeaway, and that is the type of curry that I longed to create. Then about 18 years ago, I met an old school friend who owned his own Indian takeaway. After much persuasion and begging, he eventually gave his secrets away and taught me how to cook a British Indian restaurant (BIR) curry, which I have adapted and enhanced to make it even better.”

Mr & Mrs Curry Lover moved to Spain about in 2005 and in the area where they lived there was a small population of UK Ex-pats who longed for curries, but couldn’t get them unless they went for a 1 hour drive to the coast.

Mr & Mrs Curry Lover hired out various restaurants in the area and ran curry nights once a month, the curry nights went down fantastic and the feedback that they got was excellent, more Ex-pats from other surrounding villages heard about the curries and they would travel to come and enjoy the curry nights and they even converted some of the Spanish to curryholics.

They then decided to offer a delivery service every Friday evening and this was a massive success with every Friday being a sell out.

In 2011 they decided to return to the UK due to a family illness and because the recession meant that their oldest daughter, who had just left school, couldn’t find work. After visiting various curry houses back in the UK they realised that theirs were a lot better and they longed to make and supply their curries here.

Mr Curry Lover is a brand celebrating the ever popular taste of the British Indian takeaway curry.

The Mr Curry Lover brand encompasses a combination of passion for authentic BIR curries, gastronomic talent and recipes that have been kept a secret within the British Indian takeaway business for many years.