About Us

Pop-Up RestaurantWhen you order a takeaway curry from your favourite curry house it takes around 10 minutes for you to receive it. What you don’t see is the hours of preparation beforehand. From chopping kilos of onions, garlic & ginger to mixing the spices, frying, boiling and blending and everything else in between.
If you want to make a quick curry for yourself, family or a few friends it’s just not worth it, unless you have a lot of time on your hands, a passion for making curry and an understanding of the processes involved and even then, sometimes you just want a curry in a hurry.

Mr Curry Lover is a brand founded in 2005 by Mark & Tracy Douglas, a couple of British curry lover’s whose passion for British Indian takeaway style food sparked up their interest in cooking and led them on a journey of discovery to replicate Indian takeaway style curries at home. Over time, Mark & Tracy developed their top secret recipe of curry pastes and mixes that taste just like a real Indian takeaway curry, so that every British Indian takeaway lover who enjoys cooking can make them too in a fraction of the time that it normally takes.

The Mr Curry Lover brand encompasses a combination of passion for authentic BIR (British Indian Restaurant) curries, gastronomic talent and recipes that have been kept a secret within the British Indian takeaway business for many years.