Hyderabadi Curry Paste

Mr Curry Lover’s Hyderabadi paste has been described as “one of the most tastiest curries ever” by many people that have tried it. Mr Curry Lover’s Hyderabadi paste is a perfect blend of authentic Indian spices, including cardamoms, fennel & cinnamon. The spices are first ground to release their flavours and immediately blended with oil to preserve and lock in all of the flavours.

Equally delicious with chicken and seafood such as prawns, you can also use the Hyderabadi Curry Paste with baked fillets of fish, or try with minced lamb meatballs, it can also be used to make a fantastic lentil curry.

Mr Curry Lover’s Hyderabadi paste was first created in 2005 when the owner Mark Douglas a.k.a Mr Curry Lover was living in rural Spain. Mark noticed that there were no places to satisfy his desire for curries without driving for 1 hour to the coast. He decided to recreate from memory his favourite curry that he used to buy when he went to his favourite curry restaurant while living in the UK. His first attempt at re-creating the curry was even better than the curry that he had attempted to re-create. He then spent the next year or so adapting and perfecting his curry recipe, using his friends as guinea pigs. He knew that he had cracked the recipe when everyone who tried it instantly loved it and in most cases they said that it was the best curry they had ever tasted.

Mark was constantly being asked by family and friends how to make his curry sauce and it was at this point that he decided to make it in to a curry paste so that people could re-create the exact same curry in their own homes

It was only when he returned to live in England in November of 2011 that, after visiting a large number of restaurants/takeaway’s he realised that his curries tasted far better than the curry houses curries and it was at this point that he decided to start selling his own range of curry pastes, all made from natural ingredients with no added artificial colours